Caravan / RV Shelter

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  • Increase storage options in your workplace or home
  • Easily create an undercover area for your vehicle or motorbike
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


W (m) L (m) H (m)
3.7 6.1 2.4

Double Hot Galvanised steel tube frame, bolted together for a strong and durable arch shelter


300GSM PVC Commercial Fabric. Waterproof, UV and fire resistant

Packing Case Size
L (m) W (m) H (m) (kg)
1.48 0.39 0.2 130


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A caravan/RV shelter, also known as a carport or RV canopy, is a covered structure designed to protect caravans, motorhomes, or recreational vehicles from the elements. It provides a sheltered space to park and store your vehicle, offering protection from rain, snow, UV rays, and other weather conditions.

Here are some key features and considerations of a caravan/RV shelter:

1. Size and design: Caravan/RV shelters come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different sizes of vehicles. They can range from smaller shelters designed for single caravans to larger structures capable of housing multiple RVs.

2. Construction materials: Caravan/RV shelters are typically constructed using durable materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum for the frame and a weather-resistant fabric or metal roof for the cover. The materials used ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion.

3. Roofing options: The roofing of a caravan/RV shelter can be made of different materials, including fabric, metal, or polycarbonate panels. Fabric roofs provide flexibility, while metal or polycarbonate roofs offer more durability and protection.

4. Open or enclosed sides: Caravan/RV shelters can have open or enclosed sides. Open-sided shelters provide easy access and ventilation, while enclosed shelters offer additional protection and security.

5. Installation: Caravan/RV shelters can be installed as permanent structures or temporary/portable options. Permanent installations often require concrete footings or anchoring systems, while portable shelters can be set up and taken down as needed.

6. Customization options: Depending on the manufacturer or supplier, caravan/RV shelters may offer customization options. This can include additional features like side walls, doors, windows, or even integrated storage spaces.

7. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important to ensure the longevity and functionality of the caravan/RV shelter. This may involve cleaning the roof and frame, inspecting for any damage or wear, and addressing any necessary repairs or adjustments.

When considering a caravan/RV shelter, it is recommended to assess the size and height requirements of your vehicle, as well as the climate conditions in your area. Consulting with suppliers or manufacturers specializing in carport or RV shelter solutions can provide you with information on available models, features, installation options, and pricing based on your specific needs and preferences.

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    Good quality.

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    Very well worth the money.

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