20FT HI Cube Container (9′ 6″ HIGH) SUitable For IBC Storage


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The 20FT HI Cube Container (9′ 6″ HIGH) SUitable For IBC Storage (Intermediate Bulk Container) storage needs. With an increased height of 9 feet 6 inches, this container offers additional vertical space, allowing efficient accommodation of IBCs and other bulk storage items. The elevated design ensures optimal utilization of cubic capacity, providing a spacious and organized environment for the secure storage of goods. Whether utilized in industrial settings, warehouses, or logistical operations, this Hi Cube Container is specially tailored to accommodate the dimensions and requirements of IBCs, enhancing storage efficiency and accessibility. The durable construction, coupled with the heightened dimensions, makes it a reliable and versatile choice for businesses seeking an optimal solution for IBC storage. Streamline your logistics and storage processes with this purpose-built Hi Cube Container, offering a secure and adaptable space to store and transport IBCs effectively.

  • New – One Trip Only
  • Ideal for IBC tank storage due to extra height
  • CSC plated (gross weight) max: 30 ton
  • All Cor-Ten Steel construction
  • Exterior hinged double doors at one 8ft end and on one 20ft side
  • Two locking bars on each door
  • Factory fitted lockboxes
  • 2 x forklift pockets on each side
  • 28mm Marine Plywood floor on steel cross members
  • 4 Vents

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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