10ft High Cube Container (One Trip)


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The 10ft High Cube Container (One Trip) is one foot (approx. 30 cm) higher than the standard 10ft container. This container meets the CSC requirements and is therefore suited for intermodal transport. The 10ft high cube container is made of corten steel and The container floors are built with 19 plies of Keruing-Apitong marine grade plywood. The quality of this plywood surpasses that of regular plywood because it has a high density which translates to very low moisture content, preventing fungi and termites from attacking it. It is the reason why shipping containers are able to withstand frequent cargo loading and sea travel.

  1. Internal dimensions (LxWxH)      2.840 x 2.350 x 2.693 mm
  2. External dimensions (LxWxH)     2.991 x 2.438 x 2.896 mm
  3. Door opening (WxH)      2.345 x 2.585 mm
  4. Volume.    18 m³
  5. Tare weight1.     350 kg
  6. Max payload.    10.000 kg
  7. Max cargo weight.    11.350 kg
  8. Standard color.    RAL5013
  • Standard airvents
    High handles and locking gear
    Forklift pockets
    Plywood floor
Extra information
  • CSC certified
    In corten steel
    Available in every RAL-colour
    Suitable for storage and transport

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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